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Parspec Product Update: Company Locations
Jolan Martin

Parspec Product
Bay Area, CA


Product Update: Enterprise Features

Until our most recent update to the submittal app, all of our customers were forced into individual accounts. This was fine for a small, growing rep agent or distributor, but when you are trying to manage multiple teams across multiple locations, having the inability to track usage, performance, and submittals to each branch made managing work incredibly difficult. Work was accessible to all users in the account, crowding the workspace and forcing branches to use different Parspec accounts for security. Additionally, contributors had to rebrand their submittal packages based on team preference to get a project over the finish line – a manual step we were hoping to avoid.

The major shortcomings of hosting teams in separate accounts were the following:

  • Loss of individual branch or user-specific performance metrics used to point out operational inefficiencies
  • Cumbersome workflows to re-brand each submittal specific to a branch location
  • The inability to manage multiple users across multiple accounts
  • Cross branch standardization

One tenant of Parspec is to provide a cross-collaborative tool to help businesses across the construction supply chain leverage their operational data to continuously improve. We learned quickly that our account structure had to change if we are to achieve that mission.

Submittal software

Parspec’s Solution


Highlighted Capabilities:
  • An individual location can now be created for each branch, within the same Parspec Account. This provides access to metrics at the desired level of granularity. From company, to branch, all the way to the user level data, leverage the insights our metrics provide. (In app analytics are under development, data is available upon request in the meantime – find out how we keep your data safe)
  • Projects are tagged to a location upon creation. All users with granted access to that location will have view and edit access to this project & its submittals. User access can be updated as needed to allow for cross-team collaboration or maintain segregation between branches. 
  • Permissions, branding, and workflow preferences can all be set at the branch level. Administrators can update branding at the branch level for efficient submittal generation that stays consistent across the team.