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Deliver first-class submittals and O&Ms in minutes, not days.


Automatically associate current cut sheets and other docs to your BOM so your team can spend less time creating submittals and more time growing the business.


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Fast-track package creation

Dramatically increase team efficiency with automated workflows that cut the time and cost of creating submittal and O&M packages by 50-80%.


Delight customers

Build trusted relationships by consistently delivering high-quality, accurate packages that exceed your customer’s expectations.

Give profitability a boost

Ship materials faster and avoid costly errors associated with manual data entry and outdated cut sheets, improving your bottom line.

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Parspec is a huge timesaver. Someone can request submittals from me in the morning and I’ll have them done by lunch. 100% Done. I just have to hit send.

– Amanda Martinez, quotations coordinator at Graybar Raleigh

Streamline your submittal and O&M process.

Say goodbye to manual entry

Use Parspec Quoting or simply upload any product schedule, BOM or quote. Parspec deploys image-to-text recognition and AI technology to instantly extract product types, manufacturers, part numbers, and quantities.

Find the latest data

Parspec automatically associates current cut sheets, installation manuals and warranty docs to your BOM from our comprehensive database that includes 1,800+ manufacturers and is updated daily.

Annotate with ease

Indicate your product configuration in a single click with AI-powered annotations. Parspec also remembers your company’s past markups, so your team never has to do the same work twice.

Create sleek submittal packages

With a customizable cover sheet, header, footer, and other branded elements, your submittal and O&M packages will have a consistent, professional look every time.

Share and collaborate

Use an encrypted link to share packages and keep tabs on who's accessed it to improve collaboration and accountability during the review and approval process.