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Technology moves at light speed. Product discovery should, too.


Parspec leverages AI to help your team quickly identify spec-compliant products that will win over your customers.  


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Optimize your BOM

Identify alternatives that meet project spec, cost, and lead time requirements 3-5x faster.


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Win over customers

Reduce turnaround time and suggest alternatives customers are more likely to accept.

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Elevate your margins

Sell more spec-compliant products that are in stock or from preferred manufacturers.

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“Parspec isn’t just another software solution. It’s critical to our business.”

–– Netesh Gohil, Vice President of Operations at SESCO Lighting

Quickly select products your customers are more likely to accept.

Search with ease 

Simply enter your technical requirements and preferred manufacturers to start the search. Parspec also extracts requirements automatically from a design spec, product schedule or cut sheet to save you time.

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Pick the best match

Parspec's AI-powered recommendation engine suggests product alternatives that best match your requirements and selection history, making it easier to pick the winning option for your customer.

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Prepare to quote your BOM

Once your BOM is finalized, effortlessly generate a polished bid with Parspec Quoting. Using another system? Export your BOM to your preferred quoting system and continue your workflow without a hitch.