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O&M Workflow and Credits/October Product Update
Tom Murphy

Head of Customer Success


October Product Update:


The webinar centered around significant updates to Parspec, especially the O&M workflow, which has now moved from Beta to full production. This enhancement is key to more efficient access to warranties and installation guides.

Highlights of the Webinar:

  • Introduction of New Features and Enhancements in Parspec;
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions;
  • Detailed Demonstration of Parspec's New Features;
  • Discussion on Parspec's Future Roadmap.

The session included an interactive Q&A segment, where attendees could directly engage with a team member and gain immediate insights, deepening their understanding of Parspec's new capabilities. A comprehensive demonstration showcased how to effectively use the latest features, emphasizing the optimization of the software's functions and the efficient assignment of installation guides and warranties. Additionally, the discussion touched upon Parspec's future development plans, highlighting upcoming features like the Product Finder and quoting tools, demonstrating a continuous commitment to enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.



Key Takeaways:

  • Enhanced User Experience with Parspec: The official launch of the O&M feature into full production underlines our dedication to constant improvement and user satisfaction within Parspec.
  • Interactive Learning Environment: The Q&A sessions emphasized our commitment to not just inform but also actively engage with our Parspec users.
  • Forward-Looking Approach for Parspec: Discussing upcoming features and improvements in Parspec demonstrates our focus on innovation and tailoring our software to meet evolving user needs.

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