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April Product Update 2
Tom Murphy

Head of Customer Success


April Product Update:


We're excited to bring you a host of new features this month, enhancing your overall experience with Parspec. 

Let’s dive into the details!


Project Files Container

Upload and manage PDFs, Excels, PNG, and TXT files relevant to your project directly in Parspec. Hosting documents in one place surely helps your team with access, organization, and collaboration.

Email Integration

Now you can link your Outlook account and set a default email template and signature. This feature enables you to share documents via email directly from Parspec, simplifying your communication process.



Customize and Export Dashboard Content

Generate reports of all bids due this month, or any other report you may need to share with non-Parspec users! You'll have the ability to manage, filter, and sort the columns shown in the dashboard tabs, and export that project, BOM, or document data.


Show Description in Quotes

You now have the option to include product description along with the model number and quote notes in your quote documents. Look for this new toggle on your quote customization screen!




Tool Specific Features: 


n 1Re-arrange Sections

Drag a product or an option section to re-order it with respect to the other sections in your BOM.

sq 2-1Remembered Expand/Collapse State of Sections

We heard you loud and clear! If you expand or collapse any section and leave the tab to carry out other actions, we will remember that state and maintain it for your convenience.


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