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May Product Update
Tom Murphy

Head of Customer Success


Introducing new feature:


Learn how to create and seamlessly send a quote to multiple contractors. The steps below will showcase how to create multiple BOMs and the ability to link them to avoid any duplicate efforts.


1. On the project screen, select Manage BOM.

2. Enter in BOM information and customer as needed. Note: the first BOM would be considered the primary. Any other BOM created can be linked to the primary or unlinked. Linking it to the primary means it will be the exact same BOM besides customer information.

3. After the BOMs are created, go into the primary BOM and import your list of products.

4. Once quoting information is completed in the Pricing and Lead Time tab, select Create Quote.

5. Customize the quotes within each BOM tab and select Next when ready to generate Note: the primary BOM fields toggled on or off will not automatically carry over to the linked BOMs. 

6. Select the BOMs you would like to create quotes for and click Create.

7. You can then view and share the quotes within the Final Documents tab.


Watch the 5 minute video


Dive in and explore how this new feature can benefit your daily workflow.