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January Product Update/Introducing Product Finder and Quoting
Tom Murphy

Head of Customer Success


January Product Update:


Welcome to our latest Parspec update! We're excited to bring you our new, user-friendly tools: the Product Finder and Quoting tools. These additions are game-changers, simplifying the search for product alternatives and streamlining the quoting process. It's all part of our ongoing effort to make Parspec not just more powerful, but also more user-friendly and efficient.

Highlights of the Webinar:

  • Introduction of the Product Finder and Quoting Tools: An in-depth exploration of how these tools can transform your workflow.
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: Engage directly with our expert team for instant insights and tailored advice.
  • Live Demonstrations: Witness the power of the Product Finder and Quoting tools in action, showcasing their practical application and ease of use.
  • Parspec's Future Direction: A sneak peek into what's next for Parspec, staying ahead in the realm of software solutions.

In our webinar, we had a lively Q&A session where attendees got to ask questions and dive deeper into our new features. We showcased how the Product Finder uses AI to quickly find spec-compliant product alternatives and how our Quoting tool makes creating detailed, professional quotes a breeze. Through these live demos, we didn't just show how easy these tools are to use, but also how they can improve your experience and efficiency.

Product Finder


Finding Alternates

Identify product alternatives from your preferred manufacturers equal or similar to the basis of design

Identify VE

Find products based on required specifications

Quoting Quotation


Lot or Unit Pricing

Add in lot or itemized pricing including the margin and lead times

Professional Quote

Include datasheet hyperlinks and add/deduct opinions in a clean and concise quote

Find products based on required specifications

Other New Features


Kit & Components

Creating kits gives you the option to add one or multiple datasheets to a line item

Create Sections

Rearrange your BOM into sections to display in your package

Navigate Seamlessly

Use your arrow keys to move around the cells, copy/paste features, and seamlessly rearrange your products

Missed the live Parspec webinar?


Register here to access the recording and keep up-to-date with our latest software advancements.