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Parspec Product Update: 1 million datasheets
Jolan Martin

Parspec Product
Bay Area, CA


Tired of searching for datasheets?

We were too. That’s why a core focus of our submittal app is our dynamic datasheet database

Parspec Software

The Problem


Before using Parspec, our customers would either rely on a static database of manufacture cut sheets or spend the time and patience navigating manufacturer’s websites trying to identify the correct product. It was time-consuming, monotonous, and ultimately costly. Sales reps and project managers should be spending their time managing or growing their business, not conducting a back office task that seemingly only gets in the way of tasks they are good at.

Even if you were to index all the datasheets you have used in the past, how do you know if they are current? What if a product changed or was discontinued? The short answer is, you can’t. Or at least you can’t maintain this static database of cut sheets if you represent a wide range of manufacturers. According to our research, the number of unique product datasheets has increased 22x between 2002 and 2022. Manufacturers release new products and change existing products daily.

This data is important and maintaining it is nearly impossible. Why isn’t there another way?


Parspec’s Solution


We envision a different world. A world where this monotonous, low-value-added task is done for you. A world where datasheet selection is seamless, trustworthy, and takes a fraction of the time.

When Parspec was released in May of 2022, our key differentiator was our Dynamic Product Database. At the time, we boasted about having 300+ manufacturers represented. Today, we have over 1,500 and continue to add new manufacturers daily. This effort has resulted in over 1 million datasheets from all major lighting brands like Acuity, Cooper, Signify, Current and more.

What if you represent or commonly quote more boutique and less-known brands? We can support those as well. Just head over to your account’s manufacture dashboard in the Parspec Submittal App to add or adjust all the brands you commonly work with.

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Highlighted Capabilities:

This release unlocks a ton of potential for your business. The full list of capabilities is below:

  1. Upload and maintain a list of manufacturers and their abbreviations to your company’s manufacturer dashboard.
  2. Utilize your list of approved manufacture aliases and abbreviations when creating a submittal.
  3. Request support for new manufacturers that Parspec does not support (yet).
  4. Leverage your uploaded manufacturers list to increase accuracy during the datasheet search step of the Submittal App.