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April Product Update
Tom Murphy

Head of Customer Success


April Product Update:


Our recent release introduces a variety of advanced features such as Email Integration, an improved Bid Board, enhanced Highlight Products functionality, and the removal of Contact Management Admin Restrictions. We're also excited to introduce Tool Specific Features like Print Preview & Append PDFs and Side by Side Datasheets.

Let’s dive into the details!



Email Integration

Now you can link your Outlook account and set a default email template and signature. This feature enables you to share documents via email directly from Parspec, simplifying your communication process.

Email integration


Bid Board

Introducing a weekly calendar view on our Bid Board to help you manage deadlines, prioritize critical jobs, and balance workloads efficiently.


Highlight Products

Draw attention to key items in your documentation by highlighting specific line items in quotes, submittals, and O&M's tables of contents, as well as in document headers.


Contact Management Admin Restrictions Lifted

We've removed admin restrictions for contact management. Now, everyone can create and edit companies and contacts without needing to request permission.



Tool Specific Features: 


Group 2991Print Preview & Append PDFs

Preview your quotes before finalizing them to ensure accuracy and completeness. Additionally, you have the ability to merge PDFs with quotes, providing a comprehensive and organized deliverable to your customers.

Group 2992Side by Side Datasheets

Enhance your decision-making process with the ability to compare datasheets side by side. Easily reconcile the basis of design with selected alternate datasheets to ensure your model numbers align with design specifications.


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