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Team Member Spotlight - Adnan Shahid
Ben Kanellitsas

Head of Operations


Introducing Adnan Shahid.


Meet Adnan Shahid, a vital member of the Parspec tech team. Since joining, he's been instrumental in feature development and problem-solving. His passion for technology in the construction industry shines through in his work, particularly in automating and enhancing our app. Adnan is not just a tech whiz; he's on a trajectory to become a future tech leader. Keys to Adnan's success include keeping his to-do list up to date and destressing with a mid-workday run. He's a valued member of our Parspec family, and there's more to discover about his journey and skills in the blog below!

What is your role at Parspec?

I am working as a Software Engineer-2 at Parspec. My day revolves mostly around feature development, bug fixes, and collaboration with other team members. I am involved in data migration and deployment during releases. I also collaborate with the product and QA teams.

Why did you join Parspec?

I am really excited about software tools that can solve problems through automation and intelligence. I really loved the vision of the team to disrupt construction tech and digitize the construction supply chain. I was really excited to work and contribute to a fast-paced startup.

What challenges are you looking forward to trying to solve?

As of now, I am looking forward to contributing to building the quoting capability we will provide to the users and solving the issues that they face on a daily basis using our app.

How do you see Parspec impacting the AEC industry? Society in general?

Parspec is solving problems for many stakeholders in the AEC industry and making their lives easier. We are contributing to their workflows, enabling them to generate quality, error-free documents in less time. We can significantly contribute to cost savings, transparency, and productivity leading to overall cost reduction and sustainability improvements in the AEC industry.

What sparked your interest in the technology industry?

I love how building software can solve our problems in any domain. I am fascinated by how the individual components of a system get connected and work in unison to produce valuable output.

Are there any recent projects or initiatives at Parspec that you’re particularly excited about, and why?

I am excited about the Quoting tool that is coming up. I am also excited about the feature around our new real-time product search capabilities.

What are your career goals? Where do you think Parspec can take you?

My career goal is to lead strong tech teams in the future. In my opinion, as Parspec grows, it will enable me to develop strong collaboration among team members and help me develop leadership skills.

If you were not working at Parspec, where would you be?

I would be working in another product-based tech startup.

What do you think is the most important skill that a successful professional in your domain needs to have?

The most important skills are patience, resilience, dedication, the ability to understand how things work, and effective collaboration.

What is the biggest challenge that you’ve faced since joining the team?

I have faced challenges related to developing time management skills, and I have worked on them.

What do you see as the most exciting trends or developments in your domain right now? 

In engineering, it should be the use of generative AI models in the construction supply chain. I am also excited about the future of AI in helping software developers to ease the development workflows.

What have been some of the most important lessons you’ve learned throughout your career?

The most important lesson that I have learned is that we should never stop learning and work diligently.

What techniques help you stay organized and productive?

Making a to-do list and solving the tasks in increasing order of complexity. Taking breaks between tasks. Going for a run after work.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The morning standup call and some tea :) I look forward to continuing the pending tasks from the previous day or solving new bugs in the first half of the day. 

What is your favorite food?

Biryani and fries (not together obviously!)

What do you like to do outside of work?

These days, I mostly spend my time trying out musical instruments and singing along. I also like to binge-watch TV shows.

Describe your perfect weekend.

I like to wake up a little late and binge on my favorite TV shows. In the later half, I play/sing songs on my guitar and go for a car ride.

Where are you located? How did you end up there?

I am located in Pakur, Jharkhand as of now.