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Submittal Aggregator Product Update
Tom Murphy

Head of Customer Success


Introduction to the Problem:


Distributors and even Rep Agents often find themselves trying to aggregate two or more submittal packages into one comprehensive package to pass down throughout the supply chain. Reps and Distributors may receive their submittals from different stakeholders. Organizing all documentation into one single source of truth helps them keep project documentation organized and provides a more standard document for their end customer.

This process typically consists of the following:

  • Uploading various packages into a PDF editors like Bluebeam or Adobe
  • Creating a new table of contents to include the entire scope of each package
  • Potentially rebranding the headers and footers to create a sense of continuity
  • Creating and stapling in a Cover Page with the relevant project information
  • Applying hyperlinks or bookmarks to the various pages respective to the table of contents allows their viewers to conveniently review the package. 

This process is time-consuming and can become quickly unscalable based on the size of the respective submittal packages. Luckily, Parspec’s submittal tool already included a ton of the underlying technology that could help automate much of this process.


Parspec’s Solution:


The Submittal Aggregator feature in Parspec allows for the user to quickly and conveniently import existing submittal packages from any origin. Gone are the days of needing to use a PDF editor to combine individual packages into one final project submittal. Say you received a submittal with inadequate information or outdated datasheets. Parspec now enables you to update those packages with up-to-date information straight from the Parspec submittal app. 

On December 7th and 14th, we demoed the tool live on Parspec’s first Product Webinar. It was a great event with a ton of awesome engagement from the Parspec community. Missed the webinars? No sweat, you can check out the recording from our December 7th webinar below:


Highlight Key Features


The process works like this:
  • Upload an existing package
  • Select the Table of Contents
  • Select the pages you wish to exclude (like the existing cover page and TOC)
  • Select whether to keep existing headers & footers or exclude them
  • Then the tool uses OCR to quickly separate the package into the respective line items in the Table of Contents

Once this is done, the package is successfully imported to parspec and can be treated like a regular submittal! Add new line items, delete existing ones, customize the cover page, have all your hyperlinks automatically created and organized for you upon compilation.

Users are reporting saving >70% of the time they would typically spend on combining submittal packages and get the added benefit of a clean consistent and practical product of a Parspec Submittal.