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Podcast - Revolutionizing Construction Procurement - The Journey of Parspec
Ben Kanellitsas

Head of Operations


Revolutionizing Construction Procurement - The Journey of Parspec

Join us in this exciting episode of the Slice of Construction podcast, hosted by Jared S. Taylor!

What you’ll get out of this episode:

  • Journey to Parspec: Forest Flager, CEO of Parspec, shares his transition from the design side of the construction industry to founding a tech-driven solution for construction procurement.
  • The mission of Parspec: Parspec's mission is to simplify product selection and procurement in construction, addressing the industry's long-standing challenges by focusing on a data-first approach. 
  • Technology at Parspec's Core: Parspec leverages AI, including computer vision and machine learning, to extract and index product information from thousands of manufacturers, significantly reducing the time needed to match products with project specifications.
  • Overcoming Early Hurdles: Early challenges and a pivotal moment of validation from beta testers underscored the demand for Parspec's solution, propelling Flager to pursue the venture full-time.
  • Future Expansion Goals: Looking ahead, Parspec aims to expand its innovative platform beyond electrical and lighting, targeting other construction materials and trades, driven by a vision to enhance efficiency and transparency across the construction industry.